Speakers – “How they make ’em” series.

19 06 2009

    I thought ill start posting links to some of the awesome videos on the web on how usual things in life are made. Here is the first of the series, Speakers. Watch this video that walks you step by step in a speaker making and winds down talking about how they work towards the end


180.5 dB From a Single Subwoofer – Record.

12 06 2009

    If Alan Dante was rolling his volvo through your hood, you’ll notice it and probably end up remembering him for the rest of your life. That is because his he holds the record of a 180.5 dB from a “Single” subwoofer – Whoa!

    That is louder than a Jet Engine. Apparently, in Brazil, you don’t get lugged away for having custom loud car speakers, or speaker (singular) in this case.





World Record 180.5 dB From a Single Subwoofer [audiojunkies].