A motorcycle makeover

6 06 2009

    At a displacement of 350cc and a 14bhp capable engine i loved my Royal Enfield Thunderbird. A perfect crusin’ machine for the Indian roads. Reliable single cylinder known for its thumping goodness. Kick start, rock hard suspension, and great off-road capabilities. 





    But then, not long ago OCC shows started showing up on TV back in India. Now these were not only good rides but statements. The addiction grew, used to run to the local bike shop, get parts put them on and ride with a grin across MG road. 


     When i came over to the California, for a few months the ridin’ bug took a break. Then came summer in California, to work and back on my way home i would drool over those bikes i run into. The only thing between me and a bike was the California riders license. Being who i am,  i was really afraid of the DMV, its just government stuff, i’m scared of those guys. Someone recommended MSF at that point, sounded easier than i thought, so i got signed up.


    MSF is a great way of getting a rider’s license in California, no riding tests at the DMV, very laid back training and the coolest part is you get to do it with a bunch of people. 

    The course was really good, infact Jeff who was a new rider scored high on his first shot. If you are planning on getting a riders license, check out.



    Right after i got my license i went out and got myself a kawi meanstreak. At 95 Cu.Inches a 50degree V-Twin pushing just over 70bhp, this was a huge jump over the thunderbird. A quiet shaft delivered 70% of these horses to the rear wheel. 

    Though not a custom, it was the only metric cruiser that looked close to  it. 

    It all started right after i hit the 500mi mark on the odo. The first thing i really wanted to do is to get a deeper sound from the exhausts. I went with Vance and Hines and would never look back, the thing sounds so loud, my garage door starts rattling when i push that start button. 

    Now with more airflow in the exhaust the intake became the bottle neck. Kuryakyn makes beautiful and wide intakes. I got their hypercharger, it makes a huge style statement and very efficient in sucking air in. It comes with butterfly valves which is really cool to as you open up the throttle..


    With the workhorse all set — the looks were next. 

    I found out about this company called ‘low and mean’(http://www.lowandmean.com). When i called them, i was surprised how friendly they were. I ended picking up their 12.5”shocks and the front triple tree to rake the front out and to lower the rear. Now things started taking shape, people started noticing the difference. Later i got their chin spoiler and a lot of chrome.  


     Chris @lowandmean was very helpful and if i did it all over again, ill still go to them…

    Finally got the Kuryakyn iso grips and stainless steel brake lines. Life is finally the way it was supposed to be. I love my meanstreak and would never give it up for any other ride.. Let the good times roll..