How to get the iPhone 3G S, and how much will you be paying

18 06 2009




 Tech Crunch has all the details outlined. The AT&T plans look okay so far, even though not as cheap as the Sprint plans that Palm Pre users are enjoying. Get in line in either one of the 2200 ATT locations or the 211 Apple store locations to pick your’s up tomorrow.

Here Comes The iPhone 3G S .


iPhone 3GS: Prepare For a 3D Graphics Shock

11 06 2009


iPhone 3GS: Prepare For a 3D Graphics Shock

    The imgtec Power-VR SGX seems to be a very capable chip. This might be the dawn of something very special. This might be that one special feature that could swag you towards the iphone on the recently infamous iphone vs pre confusion.

“None of the game demos shown at the WWDC keynote has scratched the surface of what can be done by the iPhone 3GS. We expect (hope that?) the new Doom Resurrection game to come in two versions, one for the iPhone 3GS and another for older iPhones/iPod Touch… let’s wait and see.”

via iPhone 3GS: Prepare For a 3D Graphics Shock.