Drowning in the options for your next smartphone?

16 06 2009


Gizmodo breaks it down for you.

Here is the crux of the comparison and the summary



To summarize: iPhone OS claims advantages in ease of use, its burgeoning App Store, and a respectable core feature set, but falters on multitasking and its lack of ability to install unsanctioned apps. The Pre’s WebOS is extremely slick and friendly to multitasking, but its App Catalog is light on content, and its development SDK is somewhat restrictive. Android and BlackBerry OS are both more laissez-faire, letting users install apps from whatever source they choose. Neither of their app stores is spectacular, but Android’s is markedly less anemic. “

Gizmodo – Smartphone Buyers Guide: The Best of the Best – Buyers Guide.


Gizmodo – Palm Pre Review

12 06 2009


    Personally, i think the Palm pre is awesome, but the iphone is refined. The palm pre is going to have an easy time convincing those who hate common trend and want a bit of break by being different. Both are great phones, although if i were to ever buy the pre i’ll wait a few generations, it just got bottled – let it age.


Gizmodo Verdict:

    “Think of it like this. The software is agile, smart and capable. The hardware, on the other hand, is a liability. If Palm can get someone else to design and build their hardware—someone who has hands and can feel what a phone is like when physically used, that phone might just be one of the best phones on the market.

I’m bored of the iPhone. The core functionality and design have remained the same for the last two years, and since 3.0 is just more of the same, and—barring some kind of June surprise—that’s another year of the same old icons and swiping and pinching. It’s time for something different. The Pre may have hardware that’s worse than the G1/G2, but the whole package—the software and the hardware—isn’t bad. It’s good. It’s different. That’s something we can get behind. I can’t wait to see what Palm gets dealt in their next hand.

Impressive start to an OS that should form the base of some quality phones in the future

Hardware quality is lacking, and feels flimsy and plasticky compared to the G1, G2 and the iPhone”


Gizmodo – Palm Pre Review – Palm pre.