The Ariel Atom

6 06 2009

  A marriage between Japanese and English technology. From the country which brought us the Lotus, here comes a cousin — Except that this time she wears a bikini and gains an 0-60 within a swift 2.8s. Ariel, a company of less than 10 employees hand build these beauties, which are made to order


     A civic type R engine sits in the rear and breaths in through an Eaton M62 supercharger giving it a 12psi boost and driving approximately 300bhp to the rear wheels in the top configuration — given the curb weight of 1071lbs this means for about 70grand USD you get to take on the mclauren F1. The only shortcoming although is top speed. Its 135mph.


     A newer version of the atom, the Atom 500 that pushes 500 horses – whoa!



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