That sweet sound…

6 06 2009


Prima Luna Prologue 2. is very addictive, being a photographer i always bit peeped for the last bit precision. When i started reading about audiophile equipment it blew my mind away — there is so much similarity between hearing and vision if you look at how information flows from the transport to our ears. I’ve owned and heard several Denon, Onkyo, yamaha and H&K amps. The Digital processing world is building better processors with higher bit precisions following the good old Moore’s law, but still there is something about the tube amps. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but later i realized that it was the sound stage. 

     Its probably a new term to many people but there is so much literature online (especially that you could flip through to understand what it is. For the longest time i thought people referred to stereo imaging as the sound stage.. which all my older amps did great. The Vocals were dead center between the two speakers and i could point out instruments on a 2d plane between the two speakers.. A sound stage is essentially stereo imaging  on 3D, close your eyes and you feel a depth to where the sound originates. The Prima-Luna had a very tight sound stage. As compared to my Denon 2803(run in stereo) with the same speakers.

     Sound was crisp, base was tight and mid-tones were warm. Ray Charles’ Sorry was amazing, the best ive heard this song sound ever. Getz/Gilberto’s “the girl from ipanema” had very clear vocals with a great mid-tone response. 

    Im just blown away, this thing is the best amp ive ever owned. The KT88 tubes that the prolog 2  use sound warm with a good reach in the low frequencies. When run with the Vienna acoustics Mozart grand, i feel i have an audio rebirth experience..

    If you don’t believe me, go audition this, if you are in the bay area then go see these guys