Birds on posts to Musical Notes

9 09 2009

For the rest of us, this would have been a boring picture, but 

Jarbas Agnellie writes

“Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit). I knew it wasn’t the most original idea in the universe. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating.

I sent the music to the photographer, Paulo Pinto, who I Googled on the internet. He told his editor, who told a reporter and the story ended up as an interview in the very same newspaper.

Here I’ve posted a short video made with the photo, the music and the score (composed by the birds).

Music made with Logic.
Video made with After Effects.

The newspaper story about my work (O Estado de São Paulo):”



Beatles Fever, get your’s now.

9 09 2009

The Beatles Mono & Stereo Box Sets

    The Beatles albums are one of the most over produced and over re-mastered albums. If you have copies of their albums, chances are you are listening to a fourth or fifth time dubbed version of the master.  Here is a new rendition from their mono masters(Buy here). Probably the best way to hear Beatles and their instruments. Or get the Beatles Stereo Box that includes all 13 studio albums “remastered” for clarity(Buy Here).

Kind of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis Kind of Blue

25 08 2009

As Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” turns 50 years this month, here is some cheap but world class tribute to the man and his album. Done in 8bit synthc, its really adorable. If you a jazz fan, go hit the link and listen up some samples..

Kind of Bloop

Cmoy Head Phone Amp – “How they make ’em” series

20 06 2009

     A headphone amp takes a standard head phone out from your PC/ PMP and amplifies it to drive high impedance headphones. Most headphones in the market are high impedance and PMPs or most PCs can’t drive them to their maximum musicality. Chu Moy came up with a really cheap and miniature design for a headphone amp that would fit in an altoid box. 

    Look here for an article on how to build this.

here is a schematic…

CMoy Headphone Amplifier

Price, Noise floor, clean power supply design, and great drive makes this a killer DIY amp.

here is a video by “Dev” on how to build this and some cool ideas..

Part I


Part II


Speakers – “How they make ’em” series.

19 06 2009

    I thought ill start posting links to some of the awesome videos on the web on how usual things in life are made. Here is the first of the series, Speakers. Watch this video that walks you step by step in a speaker making and winds down talking about how they work towards the end

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five (1961)

16 06 2009

    One of my all time favorite artist Dave Brubeck’s master piece – Take five. Original video from his 1961 recording featuring Paul desmond. 

Turntable Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Turntables and Vinyl Records [audiojunkies]

16 06 2009

    If you are trying to get into Vinyl or get back into it, check out Lukas Gilkey’s article on audiojunkies. He breaks down the parts of a turntable, types and gets down the the details of putting together a very decent setup.

Turntable Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Turntables and Vinyl Records [audiojunkies].