Ares 1 Motor test, what 20,000,000 hp could do.

10 09 2009

well, the exhaust temperature gets to 2/3s of the surface of the sun, turns sand into glass instantly and steel not only melts but boils.

Catch the video of the Nasa Ares 1 Motor test on Youtube here, Flame of hell unleashed in Utah


Rice Renders Rainbow Rose Of Ring Roads

9 09 2009

pretty cool rendition of ring roads around the world, from Rice University.


Rice Renders Rainbow Rose Of Ring Roads – Infrastructure – Jalopnik.

Top Gear, The Stig Revealed: Behind the Scenes

22 06 2009

    Ever wonder who could be as good to take those super cars nicely around the hammerhead on topgear? You probably already know 😉



And the Youtube video of the ceremony

Autopsies suggest Air France AF447 jet broke up in sky

17 06 2009

In this photo released by Brazil's Navy, a Brazilian Navy diver stands on a


   Fractures in recovered bodies and missing clothes throw light on what could have happened on AF447. Investigators suggest Jet could have to broke up mid air.


Autopsies suggest Air France jet broke up in sky – Yahoo! News.

Air France 447 – where we stand today.

16 06 2009

    Its been two weeks, and there are still no clear theories of why AF-447 crashed. Crews are still searching for the Black box which might be the *only* way to find out what went wrong mid air in this flight. The batteries in the black box stop ticking in 30 days and grow weaker by the day in giving out their life line beacons.

From abc news, here is a list of search crews,

 A French nuclear sub, the Emeraude, equipped with high-tech sonar equipment, is at the crash site listening for the acoustics coming from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder.

 Scheduled to arrive Friday is a French research vessel called the Pourquoi Pas, the only vessel in the French arsenal that carries underwater robots to retrieve the black boxes if their signals are detected.

 A U.S. Navy underwater listening device that can pick up the pinging sound from the black boxes at depths of 20,000 feet is also expected in the water Sunday.

On the side, wikipedia notes a bomb threat 

On 27 May, four days prior to this incident, Air France received a telephoned bomb threat regarding an earlier flight from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Paris. Authorities at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires delayed the flight before take-off while conducting a 90-minute search of the threatened aircraft; passengers remained on the plane throughout. The search conducted by authorities yielded no explosive material, so the authorities allowed the flight to depart.[134] Investigators are examining links with Air France Flight 447.[135] On 3 June, the French ecology minister in charge of transport, Jean-Louis Borloo, noted that there was no indication that a bomb caused the loss of Flight 447.[136] No one has claimed responsibility for any attack on the aircraft.[citation needed]

On 13 June 2009, it was reported that the recovered debris showed no signs of explosion or fire[137].”


    As of today, 49 bodies have been recovered across a 50 mile radius – while pilots around the world are refusing to fly an airbus 330,320- 200. Also to note that this is the first crash that this family of airbus’ have encountered.

    Weather graphics has a very detailed meteorological report and some extrapolated data to predict the exact weather condition during the time of the crash.

   They note “The resulting satellite photos clearly show an active mesoscale convective system (MCS) across the flight path. About 90% of the cloud material seen on the closeup images are actually multiple levels of convective debris fields from dying storms and activity that occurred previously during the day, with extensive cirrus fields. The active thunderstorm areas are actually defined not by the bright coloring but by small-scale mottled areas of cold cloud tops”

  a MCS is really a collection of several thunderstorm heads. 

More at,

Guide to Air France 447: Where Search Stands, What We Know For Sure, Hypotheses About The Crash – ABC News.

180.5 dB From a Single Subwoofer – Record.

12 06 2009

    If Alan Dante was rolling his volvo through your hood, you’ll notice it and probably end up remembering him for the rest of your life. That is because his he holds the record of a 180.5 dB from a “Single” subwoofer – Whoa!

    That is louder than a Jet Engine. Apparently, in Brazil, you don’t get lugged away for having custom loud car speakers, or speaker (singular) in this case.





World Record 180.5 dB From a Single Subwoofer [audiojunkies].

Conan O’Brien – New Fiat Chrysler Commercial

11 06 2009

“Europeon” commercial for Chrysler 😉

“Don’t be like an american exchange student who don’ta liked to be touched”

watch the video here

 The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien – New Chrysler Commercial (06/10/09) – Video –