Bing seeding success for Microsoft! Suppressing Google and Yahoo?

18 06 2009


     Well, this is radical considering there have been several hyped up search engine launches that failed to attract traffic and died down from the face of the web real quick (Cuil for instance). Microsoft spilled around $100 million on marketing for Bing and it really is paying off,   

Bing commercial from Microsoft

comScore notes that search penetration is increased to a whopping 12.1%, and Tech cruch notes that for one day it overtook searches on yahoo. 

Bing leapfrogging yahoo



    Another article talks about the 3 column layout of Bing notes that this was very carefully selected, and the result? 

“…sponsored links on the right attracted more attention on Bing (~42% of participants per search) than they did on Google (~25% of participants per search). The participants who fixated on these links spent approximately 2.5 seconds looking at the area during transactional searches and 2 seconds during informational searches. These times were similar for the two search engines.”

   Go Microsoft, you’ve become the first big challenger for google we’ve witnessed so far. 


Bing Is Still Drawing Crowds, Search Share Jumps To 12 Percent .




One response

24 06 2009

I agree completely. Great that Google may finally have a solid competitor…and one with very deep pockets.

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